Fic rec


So after a chat with @silentlaiqalasse in which we both lamented the lack of fics on Enjolras interacting with any of the Amis who aren’t Grantaire, Combeferre or Courfeyrac (let alone being paired with them), I decided to compile a rec list of my favourite fics of this sort. It’s a sadly short list so please feel free to add to it!


A Scene About Pronouns and Friendship by onlyacoffee ( @thecoffeetragedy ) – also pretty
much anything else by them

Threads by EstelRaca

This ficlet by Vé

A Very Merry Unbirthday by eirenical

Would You Lie With me? by eirenical

And a bonus by yours truly: Light your candle with wildfire 


Realizations by ancslove

This ficlet by @sovinly

Ad Infinitum by Jaimeapollo 


La Rose Couverse by ColonelDespard ( @edwarddespard I think?) 


In Vino Veritas by AMarguerite – not sure if it qualifies an
it’s more an ensemble piece, but also the only one that at least kinda fits. 


A Different View by The_shadows_of_my_mind

But I want To by elenlith 

Oh gosh!  😀  I just saw this–thank you for the recs!  ^_^

And for all the other wonderful things to read!


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