for the headcanons thing, canon-era courfeyrac!??!!! canon-era courfeyrac. i wish i had something more specific here… maybe canon-era courfeyrac shares canonical appartment with canon-era marius, heh


(I had written AN ENTIRE THING and then I lost it ARGH. let’s see if I can remember)

Canon era Courfeyrac is an excellent prompt!

  • He spends a lot of time on his hair. Those perfect curls? aren’t exactly what his hair looks like naturally. His hair is usually very wavy and goes in pretty much every direction. It looks quite charming, or at least he thinks so, but it’s not really the look he’s going for.
  • He’s worn corsets before – or at least tried to. He does make sacrifices for his appearance, but that’s one he’s not willing to make on a regular basis.
  • He doesn’t have nearly as many lovers and adventures as people seem to think he does. For one thing, he thinks they’re quite boring? what’s the use if you don’t make a strong emotional connection? Plus, he’s just too busy, in between school and plotting a revolution and rescuing lost puppies. He’s flattered people think he’s that charming, though!
  • Speaking of Marius – Courfeyrac has taken the habit of leaving his lights (candles) on much later than he used to, now that Marius lives with him. Just to let him know there’s someone waiting home for him – with bread and cheese and wine, if he wants it. Courfeyrac’s conflict with his own family isn’t nearly as dramatic as Marius’ – ‘divergent personalities’, Courfeyrac explains – but he knows what it is to feel like you’re on your own, and that little things like this can mean a lot.
  • He knows Enjolras trusts him to take over the group if anything happens to him – Combeferre is his right-hand man and Bahorel has more experience, but Courfeyrac knows best how to talk to people and organize a group and fuel the feelings and anger of the people into something productive. Enjolras has made sure to tell Courfeyrac that, and let him know he knows Courf can do it – but honestly? Courfeyrac isn’t sure he could, if it ever came down to it.

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