wow, that’s a lot!! but you can TOTALLY do it! I believe in you. ❤ (I think i’m going to have to join you in list-making soon here … just trying to decide whether going out for coffee or staying in with snacks is more motivating haha)

I just finished grading the first set of tests! 😀  Of course now I’m looking at my own schoolwork and going “Noooooooooooooooooooooo *whinewhinewhine*”  *sigh*  The only thing I really HAVE to get done today is the stat homework.  And the one qual assignment that I didn’t actually list on there.  😛  Because honestly, the other qual assignments are WAY too big for one afternoon.  And my brain is a bit fried after all that grading.  But I HAVE A DESK BACK.  *cheers*  And that makes up for a lot.  ^_^

And, pfft, it’s totally your influence that I make lists to begin with.  ^_~

As for the out for coffee/staying in with snacks question… both sound appealing, but I seem to remember you saying something about snow earlier this morning?  Personally that would keep me inside, but I know it doesn’t always stop you!  ^_^  I hope you enjoy whichever choice you end up going with!

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