One for the weekend?



OK.  It is morning.  I have done all of my morning things AND caught up on tumblr from last night.  I have two hours before I have to leave for therapy.  Things I need to accomplish this weekend:

  • Work stuff

    • Grade proficiency exams

      • 14 down, 23 to go – I’d like to at LEAST get 20 of them done tonight, but omg this is demoralizing.
        • cry about grading proficiency exams (long story)
      • Organizational MML stuff

      • Email students
  • School stuff
    • Qual
      • Memo 11
      • Memo 12
      • Start looking for articles for article review
      • Start work on research proposal
      • Contact research subjects to try to pin down a good time to visit and do interviews
    • Stat
      • …maybe study for next week’s test?
        • maybe not
        • organize notes, etc, into easy access format for test (what? it’s open notes ^_~)
      • Maybe do the analysis and write up for the project that’s due in like two months?  Because you can TOTALLY teach yourself multiple regression.  Totally.  In fact, stat is a LOT MORE FUN now that you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you’re teaching it to yourself.  And you’re kind of excited to get that done.  Because you’re a Total Fucking NERD.  ^_^
  • Adulting stuff
    • go to therapy
    • start looking for a storage unit on wheels for all crafty things
    • sort through the THREE BAGS OF OLD SOCKS/UNDERWEAR to figure out what you actually want to keep and what you can get rid of
    • find handicapped placard thing to FINALLY MAIL IT BACK GOOD GRIEF
    • box up moccasins to send back so they can send the new pair
    • maybe contact disability insurance to see where they’re at with your appeal
  • Fun stuff
    • Platonic meme answers from yesterday!!  😀
    • Work on fic?
      • …but which one?
    • Decide if you’re up for seeing AYLI tonight and buy tickets
      • it’s my last chance to see it without schlepping into the city
      • but it’s 45 minutes away by car
      • at a time of day when there will probably be heavy traffic
      • and it’s four hours long and starts at 7
      • and the organizer is coming at 9 tomorrow
      • so it’s probably not a good idea
      • BUT FRA.  *whines*  *pouts*
        • …decided not to go.  😛

…and I think that’s enough to be getting on with?  O_o;;;

Back to grading.  As you can see… this is not going very well.  -.-;;;


It feels good to have that off my back before the weekend even starts.  ^_^  OMG, though, I’m tired, now.  -.-;;;  I was going to try to get to some of those prompts today, but instead I think I will go hang out with my cat and read.  Because my brain hurts after all that grading.  😛

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