All Asian Racebent LotR Casting




Hey @raithnait, @muppetymels, @agreyeyedgirl; here’s my best shot:

Daniel Dae Kim as Aragorn

John Cho as Frodo

Masi Oka as Samwise

Steven Yuen as Merry

James Kyson Lee as Pippin

George Takei as Gandalf

Rick Yune as Boromir

Masato Harada as Gimli

Harry Shum Jr. as Legolas

Lucy Liu as Galadriel

Arden Cho as Arwen

Ken Watanabe as Elrond

Rinko Kikuchi as Eowyn

Allen Keng as Eomer

Hiroyuki Sanada as Theoden

James Hong as Saruman

Daniel Henney as Faramir

Chow Yun Fat as Denethor


You had me at “Masi Oka as Samwise”.

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