Tell me more about your coffee shop/ art shop AU?:3


ahhh I don’t know if I have more than I did before but.

  • Enjolras works in the coffee shop for Experience. also because he loves it? He’s a student and he definitely could afford to not work – his parents could pay – but he’s proud of getting by mostly on his own means. He has a tendency to overspend on things because he hates shopping and doesn’t always think things through before buying them, and that’s lead to a few challenges but he’s proud of doing it on his own.
  • The coffee shop where he works is absolutely ridiculous. it’s that fancy ‘we have three types of espresso and nothing under 5 dollars except drip coffee and if you take that we judge you’.
  • Enjolras noticed, though, that though the neighbourhood the coffee shop is located in is quickly gentrifying, most of the locals can’t afford to go regularly. It’s mainly rich student and business people. In fact, there’s a homeless shelter a few blocks down and he really often goes, giving pastries there and sets up a pending coffee board on the counter, explaining it to everyone at the till!
  • There’s this guy that comes by often enough – around Enjolras’ age, he looks like he might be a student, but he always takes his coffee to-go and Enjolras’ never seen him with a laptop or a textbook, just little paperbacks that look like they’ve been read dozens of times. His name is Feuilly, and he can never stay and chat for long but he’s very nice and always gets a drip coffee for himself and one pending.
  • The pending coffee thing actually is their first conversation – Feuilly points it out, and says he volunteers at the shelter and he’s glad the coffee shop does these things and Enjolras doesn’t get crushes, he really doesn’t, that’s not a thing Enjolras does, but Feuilly is very nice and he has very nice eyes and his voice his cute and Enjolras wants to hear him talk more.
  • but it’s ridiculous he comes by often but idk he probably doesn’t think very much of Enjolras, like, Enjolras’ just the barista making him coffee, right? Right.
  • Except no! That first morning Feuilly went to the coffee shop, his own coffee machine had broken down and he was late so he went there, since it’s near his job. He never expected to go again – it’s way too expensive – but he was kinda pleasantly surprised to see the pending coffee board, and oh. The barista seems really nice. He has a nice face. He looks. Nice. Yeah.
  • So Feuilly sorta keep going. And it’s just like – small talk. He doesn’t even know the barista’s name. But he thinks he probably looks weird going there to often so he’s like – “I uh I actually work nearby! The art supply store! yeah.” and then leaves with his drip coffee to-go, really embarrassed because oh my god feuilly how awkward can you be?!
  • and he stops going to the coffee shop, because what if the barista thought he was hitting on him? god, the poor guy is just doing his job he doesn’t need creepy clients hitting on him! but mostly it’s that his hours have been cut back and he really can’t afford the coffee anymore.
  • Enjolras notices, definitely. All the rich students and busy professionals seem so… boring suddenly? where did the (cute, nice) guy from the art supply store go?
  • So after his morning shift one Enjolras decides to go investigate! To the art supply store! Probably the guy just doesn’t work here anymore, honestly Enjolras doesn’t even know what to expect he just wants to – make sure he’s gone, or if he still works there it’s because Enjolras somehow scared him off and not knowing Bothers Enjolras.
  • so he goes. Sees Feuilly reshelving some paints and Enjolras kinda goes ‘oh. so it’s my fault then.’ So he grabs some idk – some scrapbooking supplies, thinking he’ll give them to Joly or Jehan or someone, and goes to pay –
  • – but to his horror, it’s Feuilly who finishes his shelving and goes to check his items out.
  • IT’S SO AWKWARD. feuilly’s like ‘I didn’t know you were into that stuff!’ and he smiles and he looks kinda tired like he hasn’t been sleeping or eating well and enjolras just thinks fast and goes – ‘yeah, actually, I love it!’
  • and kicks himself for it later, but Feuilly brightens up at that. ‘oh! So I guess I’ll see you again here soon? we have lots of nice scrapbooking stuff, we get new stock every first tuesday of the month, you should come check it out.’
  • and of course, Enjolras goes. buys more scrapbooking stuff. picks up some paints. he has no idea how to do this – the stuff is really just piling up on his desk at home – but he gets to hear Feuilly talk more and it seems to make him happy when he comes in?
  • but another thing that Bothers Enjolras: Feuilly doesn’t come to the coffee shop anymore. And he always looks tired, like, it seems like everytime Enjolras sees him it gets worse. So one day after his shift Enjolras grabs a coffee and bring it to Feuilly at the shop. First step towards friendship yay! and it’s slow at the store and they chat a little more and learn a little more about each other!
  • Feuilly’s like “hey you seem to really like crafting, I’d like to see the stuff you do, I bet you’re so talented!”
  • GRAVE MISTAKE. Enjolras has no idea what to do. he enlists his friends’ help but there’s no way he can do something that’ll impress Feuilly before he sees him again, so next time he admits he’s been buying that just to come by and see him. Feuilly’s super flattered and kinda embarrassed to say he’d gone to the coffee shop just to see him too, but he just couldn’t afford it anymore after a while.
  • They end up using all the craft stuff Enjolras bought (and more!) do have free crafts and art and coffee nights at the coffee shop, inviting people from the homeless shelter!
  • or something! their relationship probably starts going deeper from there.

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