i’m so stupidly emotional about enjolras&feuilly? just their relationship in general.

and feuilly loves enjolras so much, because he’s so wonderful? he does so much and he’s such an amazing speaker and he’s so bright and kind and thoughtful, but he’s also really funny when he wants to be, in a awkward but earnest way that never ever fails to make feuilly smile. he has so much energy, just being near him feuilly feels like he has more energy to do all he wants to do, too. so he’ll always be happy and proud to stand by enjolras’ side and work with him and just be with him day to day; it’s like living with your own personal sun.

and enjolras loves feuilly so much too, admires him and how he thinks and his enthusiasm for learning that never, ever falters, even when things are shitty. how he always succeeds at everything he tries to do, because when he does something he works so hard at it, he gives it all he has, always. and how independant and strong he is, though he’ll always feel a little protective of him too because he knows feuilly deserves all the most wonderful things in the world but for most of his life he had fuck all, so enjolras will make sure feuilly gets to have good things and be happy now.

ahhhh i’m just.


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