reminder that james t kirk

  • was a walking stack of books during his academy days
  • was way too immersed in his studies until he fell head over heels for a woman who he almost married
  • plays 3d chess
  • likes classic earth literature to the point where bones got him antique reading glasses
  • is basically on good terms with all his exes that we know
  • puts his crew and his ship before his love life
  • literally the only times you see him use physical seduction on female characters is when a mission or lives are at stake, with most women he is completely respectful and on the rare occasion you see him trying to woo someone in sincerity it’s rather gentle courtship

reminder that james t kirk is a giant cute nerd who happens to be a competent captain and total hottie who loves a good fight but is also super sneaky when he needs to be and i just wish the reboot universe kirk was allowed to grow and develop in ways that showed he was still fundamentally this character instead of every troubled young man trope ever 


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