So here’s the thing that literally never occurred to me until just recently, because it’s kind of a throwaway line.

In A New Hope, right around the time that Vader’s told that there was an empty escape pod launched from the Tantive IV, he instructs one of his underlings to “send a distress signal, then inform the Senate that all aboard were killed.” Very shortly thereafter, the Emperor dissolved the Imperial Senate and sends all of the delegates home.

Consider Bail Organa, who is one of the very few people in the galaxy who knows a) who Leia really is, b) that she has a twin brother, and I think c) where Luke is, which is Tatooine, which is where the Tantive IV was when it was destroyed.

And immediately on the heels of being informed that his daughter was killed (which is devastating enough, even without her being a Skywalker and one of the last hopes of the galaxy), the Imperial Senate was disbanded.

The timing is complete coincidence on the part of the Empire, because they actually have no idea about any of this.  But Bail Organa has to be drawing the worst possible conclusions.  

I bet you anything that when the Death Star appeared in Alderaan’s sky, the only thought in Bail Organa’s mind was “That’s it.  We’ve lost.  The Empire found the last two hopes of the galaxy, and killed them both, and now there’s nothing, not even the illusion of the Senate, to stop them.”

And then he died.

First of all I was using that heart, and second of all how dare you, you broke it.


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