If Anakin had stayed on the Light side


– Don’t imagine him crying in Obi Wan’s arms after coming so close to the Dark side 

– Don’t imagine him by Padme’s side as she gives birth and curses his name so loudly everyone back on Tatooine can hear her 

– Don’t imagine him holding Luke and Leia in his arms and knowing that he made the right choice and that nothing in the universe can compare to his children 

– Don’t imagine him finding out they’re Force sensitive and being scared they’ll turn out like him 

– Don’t imagine little Luke and Leia falling asleep against his chest 

– Don’t imagine Anakin braiding Leia’s hair 

– Don’t imagine Obi Wan spoiling Luke and Leia because they’re basically his children too 

– Don’t imagine him and Padme attempting to remodel the Jedi Order and Senate together 

– Don’t imagine Obi Wan teaching Luke and Leia how to use a lightsaber 

– Don’t imagine Anakin showing his children how to pod-race

– Don’t imagine Anakin looking at his family one day and knowing that he couldn’t have asked for more. 

– Don’t imagine that this is what Anakin sometimes thinks about when he’s in his mask, wondering what could’ve been


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