Ok but for real

Why isn’t Jean Valjean and his semi-delinquent adopted teenage son Montparnasse a Thing in fandom? Victor Hugo practically gave us that AU trope option on a platter.

Cosette’s pure aura of goodness offends Montparnasse to the highest level. He bakes cookies with her. Cookies!

On the other hand, they /would/ be the most well-dressed siblings in Paris.

(trying to imagine Montparnasse telling Valjean, very generously and sincerely, that he can kill Marius if Valjean wants. It would be quick and nobody would have to know)

He’s just trying to help! Jean Valjean told him he should use his talents for good! Helping family is a good use for murder talents, right?

Man, Montparnasse would be so bitchy while Cosette was going through her brief “how does fashion even work” phase. (He had one too and it was SO MUCH WORSE. When he first decided he wanted to be fancy he just threw together a random assortment of the most expensive things he could find/steal and wore them all at once without any regard to matching or taste. It was bad.)

(Sometimes he brings home jewelry or sashes or other smallish bits of lady’s fashion leaves them on Cosette’s bed, like a cat leaving behind dead mice.)


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