its kinda scary how your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager 

oh my god No it doesn’t don’t put this kind of pressure on people??
you can absolutely fuck up in your teen years and continue on to a good
life just fine. you can drop out of school, get a GED, still go to
college and finish your degree as late as you want. i know people in my
school who still haven’t graduated and they’re 26. some older. you can
always transfer someplace else, always build yourself up from the
ground. after a certain amount of college credits, a lot of schools
really don’t care about your high school GED or your SAT scores anymore.
if you fuck up in your teenage years you are not a failure!! you can
ALWAYS re-invent yourself, always start over. there is always a second

Reblogging this for my followers freaking out over art
school/college. I dropped out of high school and never thought I’d get
into college as easily as I did. You will be fine!

Fun story my biology professor just told us:  When he was 23 he was
married to his wife and worked two jobs to support them since she was in
college: gas station attendant and construction worker.  He worked
these two jobs because that was the only work he could get since he was
at the reading level of a third grader.  

One night he was writing something and his wife noticed he was
writing from right to left.  Since she was studying occupational therapy
she realized he had a learning disability and started working with him.
 He slowly began to learn to read, and at 26 got his GED and went to

His first year of college he took the lowest level math course he
could take, 001.  Over the years he worked on learning what he needed
to, ended up graduating with a biology degree.  He then went on to get
his masters and PhD, graduating at the top of his class.  He is now an
extremely accomplished biologist and professor.

So don’t let anyone tell you that you’re future is based on your choices as a teenager.

I’m a college professor, too.  Before that, I was a veterinarian.  I injured my back three times while working as a vet.  Now, let me tell you, there is an immense level of panic involved when you realize that the thing you devoted YOUR ENTIRE LIFE STARTING FROM WHEN YOU WERE 12 is now no longer a thing you can do.  It’s terrifying.  But you know what?  I found something new to do.  And I love it.  You CAN change your mind.  You CAN make up for “lost time”.  (And don’t get me started on the fact that no time is truly lost and no time is ever truly wasted, either.)  You can do it.  It’s OK.  Breathe.  ^_^

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