anyway in other news now I want the crackfic where the various Amis are actually running for Drama Representative 

Enjolras didn’t even have any interest but he found himself Mysteriously Nominated Super Mysteriously by Someone Mysterious; he’s sort of offended because seriously? he’s the least dramatic person in this group, come on. But IF THE PEOPLE ASK THEN HE WILL SERVE THE COMMON CAUSE but he’s not campaigning or anything

Courfeyrac and Bahorel are totally The Ones To Beat in the contest; yes Courfeyrac set something on fire but that was a grand political statement while Bahorel has been known to stage a complete funeral for The Death of a Dream as Symbolized By Not Getting My Mail Today When I Am Totally Expecting a Cool Book (which, frankly, was a VERY #relatable bit of drama to every single person in the group).  But Prouvaire is in the race too and granted he’s been quiet so far but it’s definitely got that “Quiet, TOO Quiet” sort of feel too it, WHAT WILL HE DO people are starting to worry

Joly nominated Grantaire because he KNOWS Grantaire wants to run but won’t volunteer (and also Grantaire somehow Super Mysteriously used up his nomination vote on someone else who could it be it’s SO MYSTERIOUS) 

it’s like five weeks of incredibly dramatic and overwrought campaigning (except from Enjolras, who mostly tries to find quiet places to read and tries to ignore everything going on) 

and I can’t decide which of them it would be funniest to have win, or if Marius should show up out of nowhere as a write in candidate for his rendition of “I missed seeing my GF so NOW EVERYTHING CAN BE ON FIRE” which is pretty dramatic people gotta admit 

but whatever would be funniest should definitely win


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