#a shipwreck of love and ambition seeking refuge among the rocks that shattered him  #(and I do believe he wasn’t intending to ally with Beckett; not at first  #he was just useless and drunken and signed on because why the fuck not)  #just…look at the way that he looks at her  #that is not a look of unrequited love; that is not even bitterness over spurned love  #that is the look of a man who is so far past losing everything that he can only laugh  #(what’s one more bullet wound when you’ve already bled out?)  #potc is about the ways people become pirates–and it’s always wanting that drives them there  #wanting love wanting freedom wanting a ship wanting glory wanting wealth wanting and wanting and wanting  #piracy is about the ability to chase that wanting; to cut the corners and simply aim yourself at what you desire  #Jack’s compass natch)  #but how do you stride for the horizon in a shipwreck? you’re left with just the wanting  #and the wanting kills  #and that’s what Commodore Norrington here is about (notbecauseofvictories)


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