OPERATION KERN 100 – URGENT FOSTERS… – Stray Cat Alliance – Building a no kill nation, one stray at a time. | Facebook






I recently started volunteering for this organization and they need our help! 

If you live in California or any of the bordering states, please consider fostering or adopting one of these beautiful kitties.  

We only have until March 25th to save these little lives!

Reblogging again just to note, if you didn’t click the link and didn’t realise, they will bring the cats to you. If you can foster a pet they will find a way to get it to you if you live in California, Oregon, or Arizona, so don’t worry about how to get there – this is a foster cat delivery situation. 

So if you think you can foster a cat, please check it out. These cats will be put down if places aren’t found for them by March 25. That’s less than 10 days to find places for 34 cats. 

They have volunteers willing to drive the cats long distances to willing and qualified foster homes, so if you can take a furry friend in, please consider. And if not, please reblog and signal boost. 

@mostlycatsmostly @fuckyeahfelines

SIGNAL BOOST THIS PLEASE. FOSTER or ADOPT if you can.  they will bring them to you. 

Please. Guys, please. I normally refer to my cats as “these fucking assholes,” but in terms of pets, cats are fairly high reward for your investment. Cat food runs about $2 USD a day for even the best canned, grain free stuff. Walnut shell, dust-free litter (better for cats than clay or other artificial shit) is about $16-$18 a month.

In return, they are furry, soft, and have an average body temperature about six fahrenheit degrees higher than people, so they are beautifully warm little shitheads (don’t get me wrong, cats are generally fuckheads, but they are cute) and their purring is a scientifically proven de-stressor.

Do a good. Rescue/foster a cat.

OPERATION KERN 100 – URGENT FOSTERS… – Stray Cat Alliance – Building a no kill nation, one stray at a time. | Facebook


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