the thing that Gets To Me about mark hamill’s treatment of luke’s gender and sexuality doesn’t really have anything to do with luke being gay because like. i’ve never watched these movies. 

but it touches me so much, so deeply, because so often when creators or actors are asked questions like this, they either laugh it off or condescend to their fans. we get mocked for hoping our heroes could be like us, and it’s like – it’s just another slap in the face when you’re already being ridiculed by the culture all the time anyway. 

“if you think luke is gay, of course he is!” is a statement that is about way more than luke skywalker’s sexuality. it’s someone saying that if seeing yourself reflected in The Hero is good for you – if it eases your pain, if it helps you navigate your trauma, if it brings you comfort – then of course you can. you don’t need permission. of course luke skywalker can be gay! 

it is just so empowering and so good to not feel like the butt of a joke for daring to see myself in characters that i love. 

praise be to luke skywalker, the trans gay hero we all deserve


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