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#SCREAMS#I’M SCREAMING#I’M SO EXCITED#AHHHH#This is sooooo good#ahhhhhhhhhhhhh#what an amazing Combeferre#and I forgot how much I adore your Jehan#but I really really really really do#and my heart hurts so much for Courfeyrac#your writing is so wonderfully organic Eirenical#reading it is like watching a flower slowly open up#as everything starts to come together and make sense#it makes for such a satisfying reading experience!#fic rec#les Amis (via @mamzellecombeferre)

I just want you to know that I owe a huge thank you to you and @kingesstropolis.  This day was the most absolutely awful day I have had in a year full of days that were kind of crap and between both of your nice words about this chapter, it’s made today just a little bit less shitty and I appreciate that SO MUCH.

Also, HOLY GOSH.  *blush*  WHAT NICE THINGS YOU SAID.  So, yeah.  Thank you.  ^_^  I may have read your tags and kingess’ comment way more times than is possibly healthy for one afternoon, and I don’t have anything more coherent to say than I have already.  But thank you.  THANK YOU.  ^____^


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