So all of Detroit public schools are going to close after April 8th if there’s no funding and there’s definitely no money so I guess the school to prison pipeline is now completely removing schools from the equation here.

I just wanted to clarify that by close, what’s actually happening is after April 8th, the district will literally not have the money to pay any of the teachers. At all. None. Unless lawmakers grant them 50 mil in aid, but so far they can’t agree on a plan. And there are already teachers on the news saying they will not be going to work if they’re not being paid. Given the current conditions DPS teachers deal with every day (lack of funding, overcrowded classrooms, limited resources) no one can really blame them or say anything. No one knows exactly what will happen since the district is already about 515 mil in debt but it’s not looking good.

this is the most fucked up thing


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