fandom meme: come at me friend.




  • A – Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)
  • B – A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind
  • C – A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)
  • D – A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)
  • E – Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what
  • F – What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom
  • G – Do you remember your first OTP, if so who was in it
  • H – What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., tv shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)
  • I – Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why
  • J – Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr
  • K –Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms
  • L – Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves (chars you’re neutral on are fair game, as are chars you dislike)
  • M – Say something genuinely nice about a ship that you don’t ship (or its shippers, or anything related to you)
  • N – Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice)
  • O – Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of
  • P – Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas)
  • Q – A ship you’ve abandoned and why
  • R – A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships
  • S – Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)
  • T – Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending, about anything at all (gender identity, sexual or romantic orientation, extended family, sexual preferences like top/bottom/switch, relationship with poetry, seriously anything)
  • U – 5 favorite characters from 5 different fandoms
  • V – 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms
  • W – 5 favorite ships and 5 kinks you like best for said ships
  • X – top 5-10 characters who are yoUR PRECIOUS BABIES AND YOU WILL DIE DEFENDING THEM
  • Y – What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)
  • Z – Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go (prompts optional but encouraged)

This looks fun! Send me an ask and I’ll ramble on cue; I’m still doped up on some pretty amazing cough syrup.


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