Half of spring break down…

…and I am SO screwed.  *heavy sigh*

  • Work stuff
    • Grade prereq exams (22)
      • Email students
      • Organizational stuff
    • Enter attendance
    • Maybe start looking at putting together a syllabus for the summer?
      • AHAHAHAHA– …i don’t think this is going to happen
  • School stuff
    • Qual
      • Write last semester’s lit review (3 articles)
      • Write this semester’s lit review (3 articles)
      • Write last semester’s research proposal
      • Catch up on memos you’re behind on (x4? IDEK)
      • Clean up interview transcriptions
      • Start coding interviews
      • Transcribe observation notes
    • Stat
      • Do whatever thing it was you were supposed to do for last week?  (look that up)
  • Other stuff
    • Vacuum in Gabriel’s room
    • Bring Gabriel in for his dental cleaning (tomorrow)
    • Print a copy of my license for the parking permit thing
    • Go to Best Buy and try to find out what’s wrong with your phone/exchange it.
    • Write something

…well, on the upside, I’ll be sitting at the Starbucks next to the vet’s office for at least 7 hours tomorrow.  That should give me plenty of time to get something done.  *heavy sigh*

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