Les Amis Fellowship of the Ring



(So, this is how desperate I’ve become to avoid working on grading.  I don’t even really go here.  Ve @thecoffeetragedy, this is all your fault.  XD)

Anyway, I see immediately what you were saying about this not being a perfect match up.  I feel like some of them have obvious character parallels, either in personality or in story arc and others… not really so much.  So I ended up with a combination of both that I think maybe works?  Any input or contrary opinions, of course, are appreciated.  ^_^

Explanations under the cut:

  • Enjolras – Frodo
  • Combeferre – Sam
  • Courfeyrac – Gandalf
  • Feuilly – Aragorn
  • Bahorel – Legolas
  • Jehan – Gimli
  • Joly – Merry
  • Bossuet – Pippin
  • Grantaire – Boromir

Afficher davantage

Ohhhh I absolutely love this one also! Especially about Gandalf/Courfeyrac’s sense of humour and adventure and warmth, that’s very true! And Boromir/Grantaire being super close to the Bini (binis? binos?), and Frodo/Enjolras & Aragorn/Feuilly just admiring each other so much ahhhh


Yay!  I’m glad you like it!  ^_^

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