boromir = either grantaire or combeferre? I think??

can i jump in on this i love character match-ups

and i really like combeferre = boromir, i feel like combeferre comes at things from a very different mental/theoretical perspective that lets him see things differently from how the rest of the leadership does.  also I am in favor of any match-up that reminds up to see Boromir’s good side.

who else do you have matched up?  joly = merry and bossuet = pippin, right?  (or the other way around?)

and i’m going to guess bahorel = gimli and jehan = legolas so we can have that unlikely pairing/friendship preserved.

I guess the obvious Enjolras is Aragorn.  But if you want to focus on martrydom, Frodo could be an Enjolras, with Sam as Courfeyrac or Grantaire?? (Not really believing in or understanding what the cause is about, but fiercely devoted to the people of the cause, especially Enjolras?  oops i found a way to do e/R after all.)

But WAIT.  What about Feuilly as Boromir?  in LOTR Boromir comes from a less privileged place than the others, just related to the progress of the war instead of class.  For everyone else in the fellowship, Mordor is this faraway country that they’ve heard about and that might become a threat to them someday, and they recognize the danger intellectually but they haven’t actually felt it firsthand, you know?  Whereas for Boromir, Mordor is his next-door neighbor; he has directly fought it and he’s seen with his own eyes how desperately the people of Gondor (and by extension, all of Middle-Earth, because it’s all connected, even if the people in Rohan and Rivendell and the Shire don’t realize it) need to be saved.  And the other people in the council try to listen to what he has to say but with his different perspective some of what he says just doesn’t make any sense to them.

ahhh MY HERO. (also you know I wouldn’t mind that e/R interpretation at all? it works quite well, actually!)


(boromir is one of my favourite characters of the series, so obviously my first thought of pairing him up with combeferre was – if enjolras is aragorn, they complete each other quite well although they come from different places/views? yes)

Okay, okay, you know what works really well in conjunction with Boromir!Feuilly? Aragorn!Courfeyrac. Who has turned away from his destiny, dropped his ‘de’ and now spends his time looking scruffy and disreputable in various bars of Middle Earth.

(I mean for this thing to work there’d have to be a lot of reworking of the ending, like I can’t see Courf suddenly realising that he needs to return to the ‘de’ of his ancestors, but that was always going to have to happen one way or another.)

That leaves Combeferre to be Gandalf, not exactly an imaginative choice perhaps but look, it works. 

!!! YES.

honestly anything that gives us a scruffy Courfeyrac is obviously a good thing, but this is excellent.

OH MAN, I missed this.  I like this too!!  😀

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