April is “Autism Awareness Month”, so here are a few reminders for you to keep in mind:



  • Autism Speaks is a hate group.
  • The reasoning behind “Light It Up Blue” (that there are more autistic boys than girls) stems from a tendency in doctors to base their autism diagnoses on stereotypes and sometimes refuse to diagnose girls.
  • Most autistic people don’t want a “cure” for autism and don’t support Autism Speaks.
  • Autism Speaks has given abusive/ableist parents legitimacy by portraying autism as a terrifying, life-ruining affliction and sympathising with parents who have contemplated killing their children, or actually killed them.
  • The views of autistic people are more important in this topic than the views of our allistic family members and peers.
  • Autism is not a disease.
  • Very little (about 4%) of Autism Speaks’ proceeds go toward supporting autistic people. More of it goes toward catering.
  • Autism is not a tragedy.
  • What autistic people need is acceptance, not awareness. 

A charity that is actually awesome is the Autism Self Advocacy Network. If you want to donate, please donate to them not Autism Speaks.

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