hp sorting thing: valjean and javert?




Valjean is totally a Hufflepuff (also in my AU he’s a sort of groundkeeper/probably like – Care of Magical Creatures teacher? but he 100% graduated from Hufflepuff.

… and I’d put Javert… idk. Ravenclaw maybe? Or Slytherin? I’m not sure, ah.

OH GOSH.  VALJEAN IS SUCH A HAGRID-TYPE, YES.  *_*  I really like this.  ^_^  He’s just gentle and kind and all the kids come to him for advice and comforts and tea and to feel safe. (Because dude, he’s HUGE and STRONG, yet so gentle and so protective of all the little ones, why wouldn’t you feel safe, you know?  :D)  And it’s so so SO good for Feuilly to have him right on the grounds, because then he never has to truly leave his adopted family.

VE, I LIKE THIS A LOT.  ^__________^

EXACTLY! and like. If he’s a teacher he doesn’t live in the cottage – he has an office on the grounds – like, they wanted him to but it was important for him to just. Have his house with Cosette and keep it, you know? And like Hagrid, Hogwarts wasn’t always good to him – not when he was in prison, not when he was running – but the school has changed and Valjean just cares so much about the kids and what they represent and the kids love him and he’s a wonderful teacher and caretaker.

and right! like. when Feuilly arrives at Hogwarts after being bitten Valjean starts staying in his office during the full moon, keeping an eye on him and bringing him back inside afterwards, etc. and Feuilly doesn’t really realise (because nobody’s ever looked out for him like that, right, and he’s unconscious most of the time anyway), but Valjean’s been looking for him and it’s such a good ;3;

Valjean is so good

YES.  I love this SO MUCH.  SO MUCH.  *chinhands*  ^__________^

And this would be a perfect opportunity for the “Valjean ‘adopts’ all of Les Amis and so they adopt him, too’ headcanon.  AAAAAHHH, VE I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS AND I WASN’T EXPECTING TO.  TT^TT  ^______^  TT^TT

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