is there any food you can order or make that won’t make you sick? ❤

Not really. It’s not the type of food that’s the problem it’s the fact that I seem to need 4-5 hours to digest before I lay down to go to sleep. I can eat like… little snacks and things after 9 without a problem, but little snacks aren’t ever enough. So I end up eating more in “little snacks” than I would have in a real meal and end up with the same problem. This falls under the category of “things I really should see a gastroenterologist about” but they’re just going to tell me it’s acid reflex and try to put me on acid reducers and being put on acid reducers when I didn’t need them was what STARTED this whole mess to begin with. UGH. I mean, I always needed time to digest after eating before laying down, but two hours used to do it. I never needed FIVE. 😛


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