Tumblr April Fool’s Joke






This is what your dash looks like if you fall for the Tumblr April Fool’s Joke.

I know some of my followers might have vision sensitivities, and as this background is a rather bright color, I wanted to warn everyone.

If you don’t want your dash to look like this, do NOT click on the “This Is Decision 2016″ voting link. It will take you to a page where you vote for a lizard, and once you do, it changes your dash to look like the above.

If you’ve already fallen for it, there is a way to revert to the default dash. Underneath the spinning “Decision 2016″ graphic on the sidebar, there is a link to opt out.

Stay safe and have fun, lovelies!

It looks like this. 

Reblogging for the image to opt out.

oh, hey, ty!

PS: I had to shut down like all of my x-kit extensions to get the “opt out” link to actually WORK.

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