Uh-oh.  Thanks to a torqued schedule because of bringing Gabriel in for a dental cleaning today (and then not being able to leave him alone until he was less wobbly from the anesthesia), I was not at all hungry for dinner at dinner time and thus didn’t eat.  And now it’s 20 to 9 and I’m JUST starting to get hungry.

…but if I eat this late, it will totally give me indigestion and then I won’t sleep.  UGH.  THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Especially because I have no food in the house and would have to order in which means no food until possibly 9:30.  *sigh*  DAMN it.  And if I DON’T order in food, I’m going to end up eating like… chocolate and four bowls of cereal for dinner because I’ll be so hungry I won’t be thinking straight, and I will definitely regret that more.  UGH.  FAIL.

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