I have a few new bookbinding tools and things to make my life easier and WOW did this one come out better and easier than the last one I made!  Since I was having a terrible time finding 8 ½ x 11 paper that was the right thickness and would still get through the printer so I could make lined paper, I decided to approach the problem from the other side and get a paper cutter so I could just cut down the 9 x 12 paper that I love and use that instead.  It worked MUCH better!  ^_^  So, this one will probably go up for sale in my Etsy shop, but I’ll probably wait until I have some natural light tomorrow to get some better pictures.

~5 3/4″ wide x 8 3/4″ long x 1/2″ thick; quarter cloth case binding; heavy-weight bookboard; 120
sheets; 64 lb. (95 g/sq.m.) charcoal paper; inner covers of canvas texture 65# cardstock; cover of hand made
100% cotton bookcloth and fine paper with ribbon bookmark; hand-sewn; bound by hand

New tools:

  • standard sized metal square rods to measure out the gutters on either side of the spine – SO USEFUL
  • paper trimmer
  • parchment paper – works much better as backing for gluing with the super because it doesn’t stick to it.  YAY! ^_^
  • Not new, but unearthed
    • iron
    • tabletop ironing board

Thanks to those last two finds, I was able to make new bookcloth without having to schlep down to the basement to use my Uncle’s iron and the big ironing board which was SO HELPFUL because the lighting down there is CRAP.  This was MUCH easier. Also, man I love my little craft cart.  It’s so much nicer having everything in one place!


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