The new Hope born, the old hope dies. Obi Wan held the babies close as he watched Padmé die. He felt the force leave her body and surround him and the babies for a moment… and then gone. The pain he had tried to keep at bay since Order 66 overwhelmed him. He staggered back to get out of the way of the medical droids. 

He watched as they tried to revive her, but it was no point, he knew she were truly gone. Again he looked down at the babies in his arms, the newborns still a bit messy from their birth but still so beautiful. How could he have missed this? Or… rather… how could he have ignored the obvious signs? 

The babies made little sounds and he could see Anakin in them. See the features that told who the father was. He had never understood how one could tell, but now… now he saw it. 

A stone of sorrow, worry, stress, pain both physical and psychological overwhelmed him and he sank to the floor, cuddling little Luke and Leia close. Tears filled his eyes, the pain too much. His training crumbling as the babies snoozed in his arms. He let out a small pained sound. He wanted to scream, to destroy everything, to find Palpatine and kill him for taking Anakin from him, from these beautiful babies, from Padmé… but… 

Baby Luke made a little whimper, sensing the worry in the man holding him, and Obi Wan calmed his rage, burried it, killed it, and then just let it out as tears, holding the babies close, protected.

He would keep Anakin’s and Padmé’s children safe.

He would keep them safe.


Short fic to go with my art. Enjoy the sadness.

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