Les Amis as Old People

Enjolras: is the ninety-year old man with a bazillion tattoos and battle scars still going to protests. He’s a fuckin’ legend; all the youngins rally around him.
Combeferre: sits in on college lectures. You ain’t asking for his notes, though; take your own.
Courfeyrac: is the friendly old man who sits in his lawn chair and tells cheeky stories about his youngin days.
Bossuet: is that old man who has had an arm replacement, but is really excited that he now has robotic parts.
Joly: volunteers at the hospital. Works on a side project of trying to create human wings, though. Shhh, it can happen.
Grantaire: matures into Bob Ross. I don’t mean just that he paints while talking about how imperfection is okay — he becomes Bob Ross, right down to the ‘fro and facial hair.
Bahorel: works out. When he walks in the spot, this is what he sees: everyone stops and is staring at him. Nah, but he’s that old man you see doing tai chi in the park.
Feuilly: volunteers to read to children at the library. They’ll tell you that he does the best sound effects. Like, damn, mister, can you teach me to do that??
Jehan: ends up on Humans of New York, with a tophat sitting on their head and a cat sitting on their shoulder in Washington Square Park. They are the Cat Whisperer.


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