Enjolras’s best friend is cute, like really cute, and he’s always over, and Combeferre knows he shouldn’t be jealous because Enjolras has his eyes on that curly haired art student, but he can’t help but wish Courfeyrac kept visiting their apartment to see him and not Enjolras (even if he does spend most of the time with Combeferre). Still.

One night when Courfeyrac comes over, he asks if Ferre wants to get dinner with him. Combeferre tells him he’s gotta pull an all nighter for this final so Courf orders a pizza and stays with him all night to help him study instead.

Around 4:30 in the morning, Combeferre pauses the flash card review they’re doing to look at Courfeyrac. “Why are you staying with me? I never asked you to, you probably have other stuff going on that you could be doing. I’m just your best friend’s roommate.”

Courfeyrac laughs, “If I didn’t think of you as more than my best friend’s roommate I wouldn’t be here.” Then he slowly leans in and gives Combeferre a soft kiss on the lips.

Combeferre immediately goes in for another kiss, but Courfeyrac stops him. “How about this. You ace this final, I’ll take you out to dinner. You don’t, well, I’ll still take you out, but let’s pretend I won’t for the sake of study motivation.”

Combeferre has never studied harder in his life

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