Being tagged in ask memes out of the blue by blogs you really enjoy and admire and think are fantastic and wouldn’t notice you EVER… 😀  ^_______^  😀  Thanks, @les-cats!

rules: answer and tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

relationship status: …I have a cat? *unsure but game smile*

favourite colour: I always used to say “green” (and I still do), but more and more often, I find myself really drawn to burnt oranges and brick reds.

pets: I have a cat!  ^_^

cats or dogs: I absolutely adore both, but prefer to cohabitate with cats.  ^_^

coke or pepsi: It’s so so bad for you, but Diet Coke.  That being said, I don’t drink anywhere near as much of it as I used to, and I’m more likely to read for an iced tea than either of those.

day or night: …I’m honestly not sure?  Probably day, though.

text or calls: Depends on what for.  I love talking to my friends (like for hours and hours) and if I’m having a problem I need to explain, I prefer to talk to a live person, but if you just have something quick to say to me, texts are FAR preferable.

chapstick or lipstick: Lip Medex  😛

city or country: Suburbs to live, country to visit on lazy vacations, city to visit for shows.  ^_^

last song i listened to: Hmm… it was in the car on the way to work and it was a Sara Bareilles song off her newest album, but I honestly don’t remember which song I’d gotten up to.  O_o;;;

As always, tagging anyone who’d like to answer it and… I think I’m going to do what les-cats did and tag people I see a lot of in my notes or who I’ve been talking to for a while and who I’d like to get to know better.  ^_^  (Only if you want to, though!  If you don’t want to, you are under no obligation to do this just to satisfy my curiosity. ^_^)  So… @ciderandwine, @fromthewildwood, @thepinkfluffyunicorn, @idreamofjoly, @cynicsandcinnamon, @kiowakela, @minstr3lsong, @cpt-america-aint-here, and @rawrded.  And anyone else who follows me and would like to do the thing!  ^_^


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