Organizational Tips for AD/H People + the Executive Dysfunctioning (and anyone else!)


As a preface to this post, a couple things should be noted: I am definitely NOT the most organized, well-put-together, or successful person. I struggle with a lot of things, and a LOT of coping mechanisms are necessary to make up for that. However, some of the systems I’ve been forced to come up with because of my difficulty do help, and lately, I’ve thought I might share some of these tips with others who have some of the same problems. 

One of the biggest difficulties I have with keeping track of my life is memory. I can’t remember anything I’m doing for jack shit, if you’ll pardon my French. I can remind myself a thousand times, but there is no way I’ll remember anything I’m supposed to be doing or thinking of unless it’s right there in front of me, in big black letters. 

So, one of the most helpful things I’ve ever done for myself is: put it right there in front of me, in big black letters!

Basically, one of the best tips I can give anyone who struggles with remembering things is to quite literally put it right in front of your face. How do I do this? It’s a combination of Post-It notes, taped-up papers, and, my personal favorite, WHITE-BOARDS. (I am not kidding. White boards are a literal savior. Why are white boards so great, you ask? Because they’re stark, easy to write on, completely simple to alter or erase and change, come in all different sizes and shapes, and aren’t problematic to hang.) 

Read on for some examples of my organizational solutions for an ADHD-er or Executive Dysfunction-er’s home.

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