“In all the years I’d known him, Feuilly had
always proven to be a bit of an enigma.
He had an expert façade expertly controlled, and hardly anything about
him was as it first seemed.  I might
almost call him devious, if it weren’t for his loyal heart.  Disguise was his usual state.  Physically, he preferred to remain, if not
invisible, at least inscrutable, hiding his slenderness beneath a bulky coat
and his eyes beneath his cap brim.  Emotionally,
he was much the same, and every time he did find it necessary to smile, he
always did so in a stretching sort of way, as if he feared his face might break
at the exertion.  […]  Everything about him had always given me the impression of bitter self-preservation:
when I’d first met him, it took him a full two years to stop calling me by the deferential
vous, and always with a strange,
suspicious glance.”

Virago, 1831.1

This Feuilly is a tough nut to crack, but Enjolras is actually rather fond of him.  She likes serious men.  😉


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