#this is such a good delightful important scene#it shows so beautifully how far they’ve come since yavin—leia’s there joking around in a briefing#while han has actually volunteered for the most dangerous mission they’ve got#(also leia stop staring at han’s mouth in the last gif you are so obvious it’s obscene#honestly that is the look of a woman who is thinking “I could probably push him down and fuck him here no one would notice”#“I mean they might /notice/ but like”#“…….do you think it would bother him if I called him ‘general solo”’#this right here is the reason that ben is conceived on endor because after four years or so han solo figured out#the way to leia organa’s heart was daring acts of reckless bravery in the name of her Cause#once han strutted out of the refresher wearing just his medals and struck a ridiculous pose—“eh? eh???”#leia is not proud to say that she had to genuinely think about it#…………look I love these crazy kids) (via notbecauseofvictories)

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