tips to improve your tumblr experience

  • don’t desperately try to aproach popular bloggers, befriend someone that’s reachable instead
  • randomly send nice messages to people on your dash
  • if you see a sad post on your dash, always ask the poster if they’re ok
  • compliment others out of the blue
  • blacklist anything that makes you uncomfortable
  • unfollow blogs if you don’t like their posts anymore, even if they’re friends. they’ll understand.
  • keep the fuck away from drama
  • know that publicly voicing an opinion has consequences, if you’re not ready to deal with them, talk to mutuals/friends privately instead of making a post
  • if you need attention, don’t reblog those askgames, send asks to people/friends instead (askgames are usually disappointing if you’re not a popular blog)
  • blog for yourself, not your followers
  • you can even install a thing that hides your follower count if you find yourself checking that number too often
  • if you get hate, block them and delete it immediately. don’t read it and definitely don’t reread it and most definitely don’t beat yourself up about it
  • keep your dash varied, even if your blog is focused on one thing. seeing something different on your dash every once in a while is refreshing.
  • install a cute dashboard theme
  • don’t believe everything you see or read
  • have patience with others

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