My problem with Cassandra Clare isnt really even the plagiarism. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have a big problem with that.

My biggest problem with Cassandra Clare is that she’s a shitty person and a fucking bully.

I think that part of it gets lost in translation as the years go by and we lose our access to the historical record of fandom.

But don’t let big name YA novelists try to sell this picture of the poor, much maligned fan-writer who made a few content errors in the past and plagiarized a little. Like first, no. The plagiarism was extensive and flagrant. It was never a misunderstanding or a small, passing error.

But more importantly, people who were around in the day, who remember, know that she was a fucking bully and a generally terrible fangirl and human being.

And like, Im gonna shame some of the YA authors on that list going around of people calling US–the ones with a long memory–the bullies. Some of them know better. I KNOW they know better. So to see them backing her is like, weirdass YA cronyism and that’s disappointing shit.

The North remembers.

Aw I just kinda started reading her books, anyone care to fill me in?



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