I have a great need for happy headcanons for Initiates and Padawans. please help.


You asked for that and I immediately started thinking about ones that ended in SADNESS.  Brain, they did not ask for sad. They asked for NICE THINGS.

*takes a breath*  NICE THINGS, SELF:

are actually carefully matched for their clan groups. The Jedi can
blither all they like about the Code and no Attachments (until it’s
judged you can handle what it would mean to lose that Attachment)
but Initiate clans are basically big sibling clusters of happy kids.
They technically all have their own sleeping areas and storage, but Tahl
and Qui-Gon were not the only Initiates who spent most of their nights
sharing a bed. Often it’s not just a pair, but three or four.

18th generation of the Kuzilli Clan shoved all of their platform beds
together in a cluster and slept in a big pile. Their teaching Master
tried to discourage this behavior to a certain extent–missions would
not lead to sleeping piles, and there would be no mass sleeping piles
once they were taken as Padawans or went into their respective
Corps–but that group of Initiates refused to sleep individually, and
eventually their Master gave up. (And started sleeping in the pile, too,
because why not.)

Padawans have their own dorm rooms they can
choose to reside in, or they can reside with their Masters. A Padawan
choosing to stay with their Master is often an indicator of how strong
the Master-Padawan bond is between them.

Ahsoka kept her own dorm,
but it wasn’t because of a lack of strength in her bond with Anakin so
much as Anakin never had time to move the hell out of his Padawan room, and thus there were no quarters for her to move into.

only uses her dorm room when Anakin and Obi-Wan aren’t in-Temple. If
they are, she’s sleeping on their couch if she can pry Obi-Wan off of
it. (She usually gives up and just goes to sleep in Obi-Wan’s bed. What
the hell is with that couch? It’s not that comfortable.

refuses to sleep in the same room as Anakin. He snores, and no amount of
beating him in the face with a pillow will make him stop.)

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