I was a bookcloth making MACHINE today.  😀  I made like… 10 different pieces of bookcloth.  I also printed a bunch of lined paper.  Because I basically got a request for a custom order for 11 journals.  Which is AWESOME.  ^_^

And the person who is buying them (my therapist, ironically ;D) said that she often gets people asking where she gets her journals and she’d be happy to send them my way when they ask and then asked if I had business cards for my store that she could give out and I realized… I don’t.  O_o;;;  So last night (with design help from the ever amazing Ve @thecoffeetragedy) I made up business cards and ordered them! 

So, basically I’m feeling all official and entrepreneurial and it’s all very exciting.  ^________^

Hope you’ve all been well, too!

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