An “escapist doodle” from Takahiro Arai’s twitter of young Jean Valjean as a soldier. Daaaang.

*tries to figure out how this AU would work*

 I assume this is the one where a young Jean joined Napoleon’s Army and distinguished himself by valiant action,while growing ever more traumatized by the violence around him, only to end up even more destitute after an injury makes him  lose his post and the Emperor is banished

his family having disappeared with no trace he can follow, he wanders the land looking for work,  and barely getting by, ever angrier at the nation that used him for cannon fodder and now discards him 

until the dark night when he robs a church in the poor town of Digne 

and the Bishop–a man said to hate Bonaparte, the republic, all who served it– lies to save Valjean from the crushing prison sentence that would surely await him 

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