Now that I have figured out how to get things from my old phone to my laptop, I can finally post this little gem.

The photo is really crappy, but!!! This is an illustration by Victor Hugo of that scene where Grantaire is playing dominoes at the Barrière du Maine.

The caption says:

– et vla ma culotte! in which culotte is some dominoes slang term meaning that you’re losing but can also be read as “here go my pants”

– 47 + 37 = 77 which is some good math I’m not going to argue with that

 Grantaire could be either one (I’m betting on the left though) but either way he HAS A MOUSTACHE now discuss

omg this is the best thing ever to occur to me

we now know what Grantaire looks like


thank you so much for this post.


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