“My brother is two years older than me and he was brilliant at
everything, it seemed. He was captain of the cricket and rugby teams. We
had this rather archaic system of head boys and prefects at my school. I
was in my fourth year – in Scotland we finish school in our sixth year –
and my brother had become head boy and brilliant at everything:
academia, sports. In fact, all the things I wasn’t good at. Then he left
and I couldn’t get my head round anything, so I became depressed and
got in trouble a lot. I remember my mother driving me one night through
heavy rain, with the windscreen wipers going. It was the first half term
of my fifth year and she said that she’d spoken to my dad and that I
could leave school if I wanted to. I’d only assumed that I’d have to
stick it out until I was 18, but here I was being offered the chance to
leave at 16. My whole world opened up. I couldn’t believe it. And I was
out, as soon as she said those words.” –
Ewan Gordon McGregor

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