Planetarium AU, Javert is in charge of it, because stars.



So Javert is
the director of the place (Valjean is banned from the place…
because reasons… he once took a bagel from the snack booth, thought
he had paid for it but didn’t. It’s a big understanding, don’t ask). 

They do great star show and educational sessions for kids.
in an intern at the planetarium during the summer, because he has to
make some money in between med school years. The both of them have
like this uncle/nephew relationship going on, Javert doesn’t talk
much and gazes at the sky a lot, but Combeferre doesn’t mind silence.

one day, a swarm of summer camp kids come in for a visit and
Combeferre gives them the whoooole shebang, stars constellations,
planets… He explains to well, he has this story teller’s voice that
settles them. Ferre manages to pull a wonderful show, but nothing
comparable to the camp counsellor’s smile. The guy is absolutely
stunning, all the more so with stars speckling his skin. At the end,
the counsellor thanks him for his time and shakes his hand :

Courf for short,” he introduces himself.

mean Ferre.”

do you give—well—private star
gazing shows?”

trying not to notice the faint blush settling on both of their faces
and his strokes his neck.

night? I’ll show you the Southern Cross that’s only visible in the
Southern Hemisphere it’s quite a sight.”

Combeferre and Courfeyrac making out under the stars. At some point,
the spot shine on Combeferre’s chest and the Shepherd star glows on
his heart.

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