So we know Jehan blushes at a mere nothing, what if he also blushes when he’s legit angry- not like embarrassed angry, but FUMING ANGRY.

Aah this is great! I don’t see a lot of him really angry, but I’m sure he would be, and very expressive about it too.

(also I love him in the green!)

Ahhh thank you 😀 I enjoy drawing him angry to make up for my cutesy gallery. Also, I read this commentary about 2012!Jehan’s habit of dressing badly interpreted as wearing poorly contrasting colors and I thought I’d try it for a change.

Hah!  I like it (I also like that he’s dressing exactly like Combeferre in that scene; it probably amuses me more than it should to imagine him picking his Serious Person outfit, and that’s what’s he got.XD) .

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