Please read if you’re voting in the California Primary

If you’re registered to vote in California for the Democratic primary please check your voter status here

Many people are starting to discover that they’ve registered with the American Independent Party (AIP) instead of an actual independent on their voter registartion. The AIP is the third largest party in California, but instead of being a standard independent status for voting purposes, the party is affiliated with right-wing politics and isn’t an actual independent status.

But most importantly, if you’re registered as an AIP affiliate, you cannot vote in the California primary on June 7th

Most people have registered with the party in error, as many as 500,000 people could be excluded from the Democratic Primary, so please check your voter status if you registered as an independent

You only have until May 23rd to fix this error

Don’t let this be another New York scandal, check the status of your voter registration before it’s too late

California has a modified closed primary, so please make sure you know how that will affect which ballot you can receive if you intend(ed) to register without a party preference!


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