I dreamed a dream, or any you still have to do!

I Dreamed a Dream: a book that didn’t live up to your high expectations

Kind of already hit on this with my answer to the “book you read because of the hype,” but that’s not the only one, unfortunately.  Lord of the Rings for sure, too.  I couldn’t get through more than a few pages any time I tried to read them.  -.-;;;  Something about his writing just doesn’t work for me.  And considering that all my friends told me that he was the “father of modern fantasy” and that if I liked fantasy I’d love his books, I was bitterly disappointed by how much I really didn’t.  😛

And I still have like… four I haven’t done yet, so I’ll just pick one more.  ^_^

One Day More: a book that kept you reading into the next chapter (and the next and the next)

(The irony is that this most recently applies to a particular SW fanfic I won’t mention but keep reccing periodically, but THIS IS ABOUT BOOKS.  ^_~)

PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING BY ANNE BISHOP.  OMFG, her writing is like CRACK to me.  I am addicted.  I can’t stay away.  Every time I picked up one of her books, I read it straight through to the end with barely a pause.  (…though I’ll admit that her most recent series didn’t grab me that way, but I’m willing to give it another try eventually.  ^_^)

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