Playlist: I CONTAIN MULTITUDES [A Bahorel Mix compiled by his friends, because what the fuck even is that guy]



i just kind of…followed my instincts on this one

1. the ketchup song (asereje) : las ketchup

2. december 4th : jay z and dangermouse

3. the fallen : franz ferdinand

4. la vie, l’amour : edith piaf

5. smells like teen spirit : patti smith (nirvana cover)

6. the wire : haim

#anyway yeah in my mind this is a series of songs bahorel’s friends compiled#that are all songs bahorel made them listen to more than once while riding in his car#‘NO GUYS SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO THIS IT IS SO GOOD’#bahorel#stoned at two in the morning: GUYS I’M SERIOUS I THINK THE POWER RANGERS THEME SONG MAY LEGIT BE A MASTERPIECE#bahorel completely sober the next day: actually yep i stand by that 100%


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