Star Trek: Classic Fanzine Fics and Much Much More

Classic Archives

Orion Press Orion has been around since the late seventies publishing everything from fiction, interviews, lost crips, fanart and so much more. 

Scotpress A UK fanzine started in the mid seventies and has gone through a few incarnations but this website is an archive of fics from all three zines.

TrekTales A site deticated to collecting fanfiction from classic fanzines. As well as housing fics from a more recent time period.

Gloria’s Fanfiction Started writing trek fic in the 1980′s. Her Kirk and Spock fics are amazing. They’re friendship/brotherhood but can be read as slash.

Reccomended Stories

A Trekkies Tale Where the term Mary Sue came from. A parody work.

KS Commentary on TOS Funny review of various episodes with K/S goggles on. Enjoyable even for those who don’t subscribe to that pairing.

Modern Archives 

Ad Astra Founded in 2009 and houses almost 2000 star trek tales. 

Djiin’s Lair Started in 2004, has a wide range of different fics with pairings and gen.

K/S Archive Self explanatory. The grand daddies of Slash Fiction. Houses more than 8000 K/S fics.

Ster J’s Fics Mostly slash but some gems in there too.

Nesabj Their site is down but some fics are now on FF

Gamin Davis Archive

Great Trek Novel Recs

You can find lots at your local second hand bookstore or just borrow them from the library! But if you like star trek books, read them!

• Any/All of the Movie Novels. Especially the Motion Picture which is by Roddenberry himself and I quite liked the one from the Voyage Home. You get to learn a bit more of the character’s inner lives post Khan. 

Collision Course. Yes it’s by Shatner, yes you should read it. Come on, teenage Kirk and Spock? Space Detective times? And wtf is going on with Sarek?

Sand and Stars By Diane Duane. It’s two books in one but two books you should definitely read, especially if you like Vulcan and Spock.

Mind Shadow and Black Fire Both Spock centric but very good.

The First Adventure There was a discussion about this recently on tumblr. A novel where Spock rides a flying horse. Also features a monkey in a starfleet uniform and cat people. Its set during, well the Enterprise’s first adventure. Kirk has to escort a circus trope across the Stars. Features most if not all of the classic crew members. And we learn a bit more about those we don’t see often.

Uhura’s Song An Uhura centric novel with some of the most amazing world building I’ve read. One of the character’s is a bit Mary Sueish but it works, especially in the end.

Anything by Vonda N Mcintyre

• The Log Entries There are about 10 in the series and the are adaptions on animated episodes. By Alan Dean Foster.

• Essentials Stories anyone and everyone should read: (x)

• Star Trek Manga Actually are quite good and there are three in the TOS Series. Shinsei Shinsei Kakan ni Shinkou and Uchu.

There is so much more but many sites are now down. I found most of these back in days when I first got into the fandom and searched them out for you guys to enjoy. And enjoy them while you can, many might not be around for much longer.


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