I ended up curling up in bed with my cat for over an hour to make up for
booting him off the desk.  -.-;;;  Then I just gave up and when into
the other room and played games on my phone for two hours.  It was NOT a
productive evening.  *sigh*  Went back to working on the transcription
this morning, and I think I’m going to be shifting around my priorities a

To-Do for Wednesday (5/4)

  • Work
    • NOTHING.  If I have time to read the textbook, great.  If not… well.  I have a looseleaf copy of the book.  I can get the pertinent readings to the kids if I have to without ordering the book.
    • (Oh, wait.  I do have to print up my lessons and attendance sheets for the week, but that’s no big deal.)
  • School
    • Stat
      • Study for final/organize my notes for final
    • Qual
      • Finish transcription
      • Code all that fucking data
      • Write up powerpoint presentation
  • Almost forgot… Turn 38.

To-Do for next Wednesday (5/11)

  • Work
  • School
    • Qual
      • Write two lit reviews with the six articles
      • Write research proposal
      • Write up your research paper
        • (This if really just the RP with results, discussion and conclusion added.)
    • Stat
      • Write up materials and methods section
      • Write up the rest of the findings/paper.
      • Put together presentation blurb thing.

To do for Wednesday the 18th:

  • Work
    • Administer final exam, curse about how much grading you’re about to have to do
  • School – Lit Review class
    • Register for summer class
    • Find The Perfect Article that Perfectly represents the topic you will write your lit review on.
    • Read other article for class.
    • Buy text books.

This feels a LOT more do-able.  So, hopefully I can get it accomplished without causing myself TOO much pain.  -.-;;  Wish me luck?


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