i’m glad you decided to step back and take a more realistic look at it. this seems a lot better! good luck with the work today, and I hope you’re able to squeeze in some time for yourself there too! ❤

Thanks!  I’m glad, too.  Just LOOKING at that list yesterday was revving up my anxiety.  😛  This feels much more do-able.  And if I get this stuff done and want to tackle the other things later, then I still have that option.  But I feel like i have a bit more room to breathe now.

If anything, I may try to get my stat paper done this weekend.  First because I LIKE stat and writing that up should be fun, and second because that means I’ll be free and clear to do the other shit next week.  And I DO still have Tuesday to work.  I just need enough of this done this week that I can put my presentation together with it.

And one way or another, I’m quitting at 9 PM and relaxing for a bit, because I’ve been doing the “I’m not going to sleep on nights when I have to be at work early” thing for the last couple of weeks and I’m kind of sick of it and I need to break that pattern.  😛  Insomnia SUCKS.

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